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The current financial plight of Britain's farmers is well documented within the press and media. The general public are becoming increasingly aware of the environment and the effects of food production on it. This subject area aims to assess the current state of farming in the UK and introduces a number of environmental concepts. (see subject 1 Agriculture in post-war Britain). 

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Public and Media: Can the media influence perceptions of and the image of agriculture? 

Learning outcomes:

  1. Explain media and pressure group information on issues relating to agriculture

The Farm Labour Force: History, facts & figures, law & legislation

Learning outcomes:

  1. Describe how the agricultural labour force can be used as an indicator of the state of the industry

  2. Discuss employers responsibilities and requirements when hiring staff

Mechanization and Technology: Farm machinery and the environment

Learning outcomes:

  1. Discuss the relationship between farm machinery and the agricultural labour force

  2. Describe three important pieces of arable machinery and the environmental consequences of its use

Agricultural Support: Should agriculture be supported?

Learning outcomes:

  1. Describe the basic reason why agriculture is financially supported by the government

  2. Discuss the possible 'knock on' effects of proposed future changes in agricultural policy

Evaluation of Monoculture Systems: The importance and scale of monoculture systems

Learning outcomes:

  1. Explain whether monoculture is a necessity or an agricultural indulgence brought about by production payments

  2. Discuss the agri environmental consequences of monoculture systems


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