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A move toward more sustainable farming practices is being seen increasingly as the way to address or avoid environmental and economic issues associated with some of the farming systems currently being practiced in many developed countries.

Definitions: What is sustainability?

Learning objectives

  1. To define sustainability in your own words

  2. T apply this definition in one area of agriculture or environment

Sustainable development: Biological, economic, social and sustainable resource use

Learning objectives

  1. To outline the principles of sustainable development

Indicators of sustainable development: How the indicators are defined, government indicators fort sustainable development

Learning objectives

  1. To describe the characteristics which make a good indicator of sustainable development 

  2. To list 10 current indicators of sustainable development in the UK

Sustainable agriculture: The concept of a sustainable agricultural system, indicators of sustainable agriculture

  1. To describe the components of a sustainable agricultural system

  2. To list a range of indicators which may be used to measure the sustainability of an agricultural system 

Integrated systems: ICM & IFM approaches  

Learning objectives

  1. To outline the principles of an integrated approach to farm management


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